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What are we all about..

We are super passionate about all things food! More specifically, food which focuses on, fresh, natural whole foods which are as seasonal and locally sourced as possible. That is cooked with care and packed full of amazing flavours. Food which provides an abundance of amazing nutrients and leaves your body feeling energised naturally, but never leaving you feeling deprived or restricted. Food which is not only kind to our bodies but also kinder to the environment and to the animals we share the planet with. Food that is accessible, easy to throw together, non elitist and most importantly doesn’t cost a fortune!! Food that is just blooming exciting!!! And finally, food which unites people, that brings us together in a space of love, with your family, friends, neighbours, community, your country..the world!! We really do love food and everything it can do and everything it represents. We hope that you either already love food as much as we do or will learn to through our blog, social media pages and all the recipes we share here. Click below if you would like to read more about us and our ethos! …..and scroll a little further down to find the recipes!!!!!


We can't wait to work with you!