One of the things we love most about the power of food and cooking… It brings people together!! It is a human need to eat and an even more human need to feel connected with each other. We really, strongly believe that food holds the power to build stronger relationships within our communities. We will be hosting ongoing events within our local community here in West London and sharing them here with you on our website and social media platforms. We will be covering everything from growing your own, making healthy food cheap and accessible, eating seasonally, cooking tips for busy families and how we can all live a little more consciously, and care for our individual environments and the larger world we live in…..just to name a few!!

We hope that this will inspire you to also reach out a little to your communities. Together we can learn to eat and love, good, real, well-cooked food with community at the heart. Taking action that is not only good for us but, for the larger world that we live in.